Over the years, Grandi Trasporti has refined its skills in the loading and unloading of goods. In order to be able to offer a professional service in all circumstances, it is essential to have a suitable fleet of vehicles (trailers and transporters, as well as cranes, aerial platforms and truck cranes ). Whatever the customer's requirements, the type of load to handle, the characteristics and the context in which the load is to be carried, we have the tools to work efficiently and safely.

The truck crane

The truck crane is a heavy truck that can handle materials in circumstances where it is not possible to use a fixed installation. There are contexts where, by their nature, it is not possible to install aerial platforms or cranes. If the space for safety is not enough or the ground is not suitable, then you need a truck crane. Additionally, it is possible to load truck crane on a trailer vehicle so as to provide the loading and unloading steps and the immediate handling of the goods without any further time being lost.
un camion in viaggio su una strada

Types of transportation and our rental service

For transport of goods of a particular weight and size it is absolutely essential to carry this out with professionally equipment. Our rental service is designed to provide the customer with all the tools (and drivers) for only the time strictly necessary for their needs.
For a quote on renting vehicles, loading, unloading with a truck crane, please call +39 095 574666 / +39 095 574667
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