Grandi Trasporti srl is a company based in Catania, which has been operating for over thirty years in the transport sector serving private individuals, companies and public bodies. Services include international and domestic freight and industrial transport, with a fleet of about 300 cargo units: flatbed, tilting, and mega-trailers, lowered, super-lowered, trailers and special semi-trailers, industrial vehicles, telescopic cranes, set up for lifting goods. We work with companies operating in plant engineering, construction and high tech. The Group uses its bases in Milan and Catania. The site is about 100,000 square meters all dedicated to various activities, including goods storage. Offices and operational areas are strategically positioned between the port of Catania, the railway terminal, the airport and the industrial estates.

Fast transport and transparent quotes

High competition in the current market requires balanced and careful budgets. For this reason, all companies ask for transparency in the pricing of services and we adhere to this eliminating any unforeseen and unexpected costs. In other words, in order to be able to withstand and succeed in the market, you must plan knowing delivery times and costs. 

Grandi Trasporti offers its customers a partnership relationship, providing the services at a clear and definitive price, in full compliance with the delivery times agreed in the contract.
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Definition of the transport and lifting plan

In addition to the lifting and transport facilities, with the support of our internal technical office, Grandi Trasporti, offers its customers accurate technical transport assessments with fully documented detailed analyses.

After a careful evaluation, the customer can agree with our company regarding the definition of the transport and lifting plan. We undertake to provide all services (including the most delicate ones) in full compliance with contractual terms and conditions.
For a free international and national transport quote, please call us:
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