The shipment of goods abroad does requires the practical skills needed to organize and carry out transport. In addition there are many regulatory aspects that have to be taken into account, especially if you intend to transport products to or from non-European destinations. For each type of goods and depending on the value and quantity, each country has its own import and export rules. You can rely on our staff of professionals to arrange legally approved transportation without risk of customs duties.

Shipment of alcoholic beverages

Grandi Trasporti has a bonded warehouse authorized by the Customs Authority, that allows you to hold, receive and ship wines, beer and liquor from EU Member States and outside the EU. Products can be shipped under suspended excise duty and without paying excise duty.
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Shipment of other goods

We can take care of the shipment of any kind of merchandise, using the domiciliation customs procedure. This is an authorization that allows us to ship or receive goods directly to the business premises by completing customs formalities. In this way, the customer is not obliged to file and report the goods in customs. This reduces the handling time and expense of shipping. The domiciliation customs procedure is very useful for businesses and individuals who intend to transport their products outside the European Union.
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